How is Pedigree dog food manufactured?

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Manufacturing packaged dog food with a commitment to high-quality standards is crucial for ensuring the health and happiness of our beloved pets. From sourcing of ingredients and raw materials to stringent quality control and final packaging, production facilities play a pivotal role in upholding the standards of high-quality dog food brands.

At PEDIGREE®, we believe in ensuring the consistency and safety of every product and quality manufacturing along each step of the process, reflecting a commitment to providing dogs with 100% complete & balanced nutrition for their overall well-being. 

The philosophy that we follow at PEDIGREE® is to provide excellent dog nutrition to pets and, we’ve elaborated on it further below.  


Highly Tested Ingredients


We are dedicated to using high-quality, wholesome ingredients that conform to strict standard criteria. This consists of maintaining an appropriate balance of macro and micro nutrition needed for a dog's health. 

These ingredients are subject to thorough inspection and testing for nutritional content, safety, and quality. The manufacturing process involves the use of advanced equipment and technology to achieve uniform blending, cooking, and preserving the integrity of the ingredients. Stringent checks are implemented at critical points, including observing moisture content, temperature, and product consistency. The final product undergoes meticulous quality control assessments, involving sensory evaluations, laboratory analyses, and microbiological tests. 


State of the Art Factories


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Hyderabad, Telangana is the nerve centre of the production process which is responsible for the high calibre output in the form of packaged food that is available to consumers.  

The utilization of cutting-edge equipment plays a pivotal role in the production process. Modern extruders, designed with precision, ensure the thorough cooking and uniform blending of ingredients, preserving the nutritional integrity of the final product. Sophisticated mixers enable meticulous control over ingredient ratios, ensuring consistency across batches. The incorporation of advanced temperature and moisture monitoring systems ensures optimal processing conditions, preventing nutrient degradation. Quality control measures are enhanced with high-grade inspection tools, including scanners and sensors, to identify and eliminate any irregularities in the final product.  


Strict Quality Checks


Stringent inspections are undertaken, ensuring all protocols are adhered to end-to-end. Every step of the process, from combining the ingredients to heating and mixing the finished product, is kept in check. Strict sanitary procedures are followed by the infrastructure to minimise infestation and warranty food safety. 

This guarantees that our canine food's nutritional content is maintained, providing us with a steady and stable feed, supporting the production of a comprehensive dog nutrition product. 


Packaging Process


High-functioning packaging lines are deployed, featuring controlled environments to prevent contamination of the dog food, and maintain optimal hygiene. The packaging materials are carefully selected to preserve the freshness and quality of the dog food, protecting it from external factors such as light, moisture, and air which may be detrimental to the food. Advanced sealing techniques and packaging technologies, including vacuum-sealing are employed to extend the shelf life of the product and safeguard its nutritional value. 

This integration of the high-quality production process of our dog food not only optimizes efficiency but also underscores a commitment to delivering nutritionally superior and safer products for our canine companions. 

Pedigree's dedication to animal welfare can be seen by these stringent quality procedures, ensuring the healthiness of every bowl of PEDIGREE®dog food

You can be confident that your dogs are receiving meals that meet Pedigree's high standards and boost the health of your four-legged friends by implementing these measures. 

The commitment to high-class nutrition and transparent communication reinforces Pedigree's reputation as a reliable choice for your dog's health and well-being. 

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