Why Your Senior Dog Requires Expert Nutrition

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Looking after a senior dog requires as much care and understanding as looking after an ageing parent. Diet plays an important role in keeping your dog healthy, happy and comfortable during this time. A healthy diet consisting of nutrition-rich senior dog food can make all the difference in vitality during these sunset years as they deal with a slowing metabolism and a drop in energy. Here’s a breakdown of what food for older dogs should consist of:


Dogs lose precious body tissue as they age. In order to compensate for this, it’s important to include protein in their diet to help balance this shortfall. Senior dog food high-quality quality protein is necessary for them to maintain lean muscle mass as they age.


Senior dogs often suffer from constipation which is why they also require fibre from their diet to support and regularise healthy bowel movements.


Senior dogs experience reduced appetites which often plays into a slowing metabolism and general drop in energy. Specialised senior dog food like Pedigree® PRO accounts for these changes. A healthy dose of fat can help senior dogs maintain good vision, cognitive function and a healthy coat.

Besides protein, fat and fibre, a nutritional diet for senior dogs should also include antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and prebiotics to help support overall health. 

Why Pedigree® PRO?

The PEDIGREE® PRO range of nutritionally balanced food helps ensure your dog can live at its happiest and healthiest best. It is developed with veterinarians and nutritionists at Waltham Petcare Science Institute, a world-leading authority on pet care and nutrition. Formulated with superior ingredients, high protein and an adapted kibble size, it provides expert nutrition that’s just right for your dog at its current life stage.

Why Pedigree® PRO Senior Dog Food?

PEDIGREE® PRO Senior Dog Food was formulated keeping in mind every need of an ageing dog (7 years onwards). From adequate protein, fat and fibre content to the ideal mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and prebiotics—PEDIGREE® PRO Senior Dog Food has it all. Not just that, it also contains special ingredients making it a balanced meal that delivers expert nutrition to your senior pet.


Metabolism and activity levels slow

down for senior dogs with age.

L- carnitine helps support healthy


Senior dogs are prone to bone and

joint problems.

Glucosamine helps support joint health.

Loss of muscle mass is a

common problem in senior dogs.

This specialised dog food contains quality protein sources to support

healthy muscle.

How to introduce your pet to Pedigree® PRO Senior Dog Food?

The change from current food to Pedigree® PRO is best done gradually over 7 days. Start by mixing in 25% of Pedigree® PRO kibble with your dog's current food, then move to 50% on days 3 and 4. Finally, increase it to 75% on days 5 and 6. You can then try feeding your pooch 100% Pedigree® PRO dog food from day 7 onwards.

Please note, some dogs may take longer to change to Pedigree® PRO Senior Dog Food so please be patient. Serve the recommended amount in a crunchy, solid form. Always provide a separate bowl of clean drinking water. 

When it comes to feeding an ageing canine companion, you can check the back of the pack for a daily recommended feeding guide which you can confirm with your vet. It is also recommended that you combine a nutritious diet like Pedigree® PRO Senior Dog Food with light and regular exercise to help prevent the declining mobility that occurs when dogs age.

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