What is a 100% Complete & Balanced meal for dogs?

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Dogs, like humans, require a complete & balanced diet to be healthy and enthusiastic tail waggers. It is essential to consider the dog’s nutritional requirements before making meal choices for them. So come along on this kibble-fuelled journey as we understand the value of feeding our animal friends a healthy diet.

The key to their joy, all comes down to what's placed on their plate. For dogs, a well-balanced meal is of utmost importance and should include the nutrients they need to face the day.  

But what exactly is a 100% complete & balanced meal for dogs? It means that the food is designed to be the primary diet for your pet, providing all the necessary nutrients to support their health and well-being. PEDIGREE®dog food is designed in a way that it can be fed as a sole diet when fed according to the feeding recommendations. Apart from the food it is vital that your dog has access to fresh water throughout the day.

According to WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute, “To be complete and balanced, pet foods must contain all the essential nutrients required by the animal they are designed for, in the correct amounts for the life stage of the pet”.

Keeping in mind that nutritional needs differ for different life stages of a dog, we have curated our dog food accordingly. For puppies, it is vital that they eat food that has a higher protein content than typically required for adult dogs. Hence, PEDIGREE®. Puppy recipes are tailored to the nutritional needs of a puppy, it is enriched with a minimum of 24% crude protein for strong muscles and DHA to support brain & vision development. For adult dogs, protein is as important as when they are pups, PEDIGREE® Dry food contains fibre that helps with digestive health and also includes Omega 6 and Zinc to support a shinier coat, that is likely to turn heads!

PEDIGREE® has been developed with the experts at WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute keeping the life stage of dogs in mind.

As the No. 1 dog food brand in the world*, it’s vital that we set the standard for nutritious dog food. Understanding your dogs' needs, our meals are enriched with 37 essential nutrients, helping them lead healthy and happy lives!

Now that you know what a 100% complete & balanced meal is, click here to try a FREE sample of PEDIGREE® Dry food!

*Mars calculation based in part on data reported by Nielson IQ through its Retail Measurement Service for the Dog Food segment of the Petfood category for Total Defined Global Market (21 markets) for the 12 consecutive month period ending December 2022. Copyright©2023 Neilsen Consumer LLC™” 

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