The Importance of 100% Complete & Balanced Food for your Dog

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This world is better with pets in it, but have you ever wondered what keeps our lively friends going throughout the day? It’s NUTRITIOUS FOOD! While nutritious food is important when it comes to pets, it’s important to note that it needs to be a complete and balanced diet. (Click here to know about what is a complete & balanced diet.)

With their enthusiastic eyes and flapping tails, our fluffy buddies make us beam with joy. At PEDIGREE®, we consider it both a responsibility and pleasure to make sure that the four-legged members of your family lead healthy and happy lives.

Read on to know how we have made certain that your dogs' meals are 100% complete & balanced.




Proteins are at the heart of a well-balanced canine diet since they are essential building blocks for muscular development, tissue repair, and general health. High-quality animal proteins in the right amount are found in PEDIGREE® Dry food range, packed with a minimum crude protein intake of 20%, which helps support healthy muscles for your dog!




Dogs, like us, require energy to sustain their daily routines. Carbohydrates derived from cereals in the PEDIGREE® Dry food range provide the necessary amount of energy they need to maintain a vigorous routine.




Vitamins are overlooked superheroes that regulate a wide range of biological processes in the body of your doggos. A comprehensive canine diet must include an extensive variety of vitamins. PEDIGREE® Puppy Dry food contains Vitamin E and Selenium for a healthy natural defence. Your pup’s immunity is important, as it ensures that they won’t fall sick frequently.




Minerals act as a platform for your dog's well-being. Calcium and Phosphorus, for instance, are prerequisites to support healthy teeth and bones. Essential minerals like Zinc help with a shinier skin & coat. A fulfilling and adequate dog food blend like PEDIGREE® Mother & Babydog Starter assures that your beloved pup and the mother receive an appropriate balance of minerals.

It needs to be understood that when it involves dog nutrition, a single remedy does not accommodate everyone. Puppies and adults have broad dietary requirements, as do breeds of different sizes. Developed with the experts at WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute, PEDIGREE® is tailored to your dog’s nutritional requirements according to their life stages.


Adult Dogs (1-7 Years)


For adult dogs between the ages of 1-7, PEDIGREE® is packed with a minimum crude Protein intake of 20% for healthy bones and muscles for your dog, Omega 6 and Zinc for a shiny coat, as well as 5% Fibre for good digestive health, making it a great choice for your dog.


Puppy (3-12 Months)


We’ve also ensured that the food is tailored for puppies. PEDIGREE® puppy variants like Chicken & Milk have DHA for brain and vision development, and Vitamin E and Selenium to build immune health.

In a nutshell, feeding your dogs a nutritious meal on time is a responsibility that supports their well-being as opposed to a mere routine. Utilising affordable yet nutritious solutions, like those provided by PEDIGREE®, means that every meal is another step toward your dog's happy and healthy life.

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