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What should you feed your pet and what 'human' foods should your furry friend stay away from?

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  • Four types of dog treats and how you can use them

    Watching your pooch’s ears perk up or tail wag incessantly upon hearing the word “treat” is a sight to behold! But as wonderful a...
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  • What should I feed my puppy?

    Puppies need special food that meets their energy requirements. Some dog owners prepare homemade foods for their pets. But it's difficult even ...
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  • How to wean a puppy in 5 steps

    ‘Weaning’ describes the changeover from one food to another, and for young puppies this is from the mother's milk to solid f...

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  • Dry dog food or wet dog food: Which is the better option?

    Our dogs rely on us to make the best food choice on their behalf. But which type of puppy food or dog food is the best choice: dry or wet? ...
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  • 5 weight management tips for overweight dogs

    Obesity affects 40% dogs and carries with it myriad problems ranging from the minor to life threatening. If you suspect your dog is getting chubby,...
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  • How often should I feed my dog in a day?

    To stay healthy, your puppy or adult dog needs to be fed a complete and balanced food. The right number of calories depends on your pet’s siz...
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