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We love reading labels and we want you to know what goes into our food.

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  • World Food Safety Day: 4 Reasons To Trust Pedigree Dog Food

    Every pet parent has found themselves in a predicament when it comes to feeding their pooch—is homemade food better and safer than dog food? ...
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  • Can excessive protein intake cause agression and kidney failure in dogs?

    Protein is one of the major component of the diet & supports your pet’s growth & development.  Protein Requirement a...
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  • Pedigree Dog Food: Myths vs. Facts

    #1 Animal derivatives are bad for pets

    The wild relatives of dogs (wolves) eat a prey-based diet and readily consume th...
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  • The science behind Pedigree dog food

    The nutritional requirements of a dog vary throughout its life and are governed by factors such as age, reproductive status, level of activity, ...

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  • What goes into Pedigree dog food?

    We love reading labels and so should you!   All types of dog food made by Pedigree ® are specially design...
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  • Nutrition breakdown: A deep-dive into your dog's diet

    How your pet can benefit from balanced nutrition:   The nutritional requirements of dogs are unique and differ from h...
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